Pro Metallic Jewelry Kit

SKU: PKit Pro Metallic

Pro Metallic Jewelry Kit Contents:

300 Small Metallic Jewelry Tattoos (3 Five Packs of each Design; each tattoo sheet: 1.75" x 2.25"):
Infinite Love, Faith, Free Spirit, Live Laugh Love, Believe, Chinese Love, Lace Butterfly, Henna Lotus, Swallow, Ohm, Crescent Moon, Henna Heart, Cascading Stars, Hibiscus, Rosey, Diamond, Peace, Ribbon of Hope, Refuse to Sink, & Quill

200 Large Metallic Jewelry Tattoos (2 Five Packs of each Design; each tattoo sheet: 8" x 2" or 3.5" x 4.5"):
Hibiscus Band, Cheveron Band, Lattice Band, Geo Band, Lace Band, Trian-Gold, Star Band, Diamond Head, Star Necklace, Luck of the Dragon, Sugar Skull, Fantasy Fairy, Hummingbird, Dream Catcher, Peacock Feather, Twinkling Stars, Henna Flower, Desert Rose, Wings of Gold, & Gold Sparks

1 Pro Carrying Case (12" x 11" x 7")

3 Sponges (2" dia.)

1 Six Piece Set of Metallic Jewelry Design Sheets (each sheet 8" x 10")

1 Flip Chart Binder (10" x 12.25")

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