Circles HD Stencil


HD Stencils are made from Patented tightly woven mesh fabric . This allows for the stencil to contour and mold around curves of the body. Intricate and ultra-detailed designs are possible because of the mesh like structure of the stencil. HD Stencils have 2 parts ( Mesh stencil and White backing). HD Stencils are Designed to work with the Get Inked Matte Black Gel, if you wish to use with Glitter Tattoos, we suggest you use the Ultra Fine Glitter. Reminder when using for Glitter Tattoos, You will need to peel the stencil from the skin immediately after putting the Body Glue before you brush on the Glitter.

The smallest HD stencils in the Get Inked Line.

Each Small HD stencil pack contains 4 stencils.

2.3" x 2.8" x 0.25"

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