About Us

Glimmer Body Art is the world’s leading manufacturer of body art and temporary tattoos, not only in volume but quality, innovation and customer service. We are at the forefront of body art trends and technology and are responsible for bringing professional grade glitter tattoos and other patented body art and temporary tattoo products and supplies to entertainment venues around the world. We are the total body art experts offering total solutions for those wanting to add body art to their services to create a total body art experience for kids, teens and adults.

Founded 8 years ago as a service in Los Angeles, Glimmer Body Art began providing glitter tattoos to parties, special events and birthdays. Seen at LA’s hottest movie premieres, store openings and celebrity birthday parties, the popularity and influence of Glimmer Body Art’s glitter tattoos expanded across the globe.

Now, we have grown as the #1 manufacturer of glitter tattoos and are swiftly establishing ourselves as THE body art experts after introducing new items like our metallic jewelry and real-matte tattoos.

The Glimmer Body Art line of products primarily caters to the professional amusement and entertainment markets and is trusted by big names like Disney, Cedar Fair, Great Wolf, SeaWorld and many more. All of our products are hypoallergenic, latex-free and dermatologist tested, meaning that these big names are not only trusting us because our products live up to their long-lasting promise but because they are high quality, skin safe products that children and adults can enjoy at various events and venues.

And yes, adults love our product just a much a children. Our real-matte tattoos are the closest thing to a real tattoo without the pain and permanence of real tattoos. Our influence is also growing among the young, trendy fashion-forward crowds with our metallic jewelry tattoos.

Our primary goal though is not just to create stunning, long-lasting body art but to provide business owners and entertainers a trusted method to grow their body art services and earn extra income.

As a multi-faceted company we take pride and ownership in all of these fun and amazing projects and products we have been able to create and be a part of. Body art has not even BEGUN to peak yet and we are at the forefront of the trends and technology. Stay tuned for amazing things from the company that first brought you glitter tattoos.



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