Where can I buy your products?
You can start your Total Body Art experience here - https://www.glittertattoostore.com/

Where are you located?
Our office and warehouse is located in Sunny Southern California.  Online orders only, No Walk ins.

Do we have wholesale programs, or discount tiers?
Yes we do, and we encourage all of our customers to avail of our multi-tiered discount programs.  If you are interested, please feel free to email us at Sales@GlimmerBodyArt.com.

How much glue do I need to buy?
We have multiple sizes of glues we carry depending on how many temporary glitter tattoos you will be doing.  A 10ml glue bottle can create 60-90 temporary tattoos, a 15ml glue bottle can create 90-140 temporary tattoos, and our biggest bottle the 120ml can create 720-960 temporary tattoos.

Are your glues LATEX free?
YES they are LATEX free, safe for the skin and Dermatologist Tested. Like any other products there may be a small chance that you may have a reaction , If for any reason an irritation or rash occurs, seek immediate doctor’s attention.

I am not sure if I need a Glitter Pot or a Glitter Refill?
Our glitter pots make approximately 50 temporary tattoos, and our refill bottles make 300 temporary tattoos.

Can the glitter be used for the following:  Eye shadow, on the lips, or for face painting?
The glitters that we carry are rigorously tested for stability and compatibility with the intended purpose which is to make amazing glitter temporary tattoos.  However, any other application will have to be tested by the end user and is the end user's responsibility.

My temporary tattoo is not coming out right, what am I doing wrong?
A few things to remember if this happens:

  1. Is the skin area clean of any oil or dirt?  We recommend using an alcohol rub or wipe to clean the skin area and air dried or pat with tissue where the temporary tattoo is to be placed.
  2. How much glue are you using? Try to minimize the usage of glue.  A thin layer of glue is good enough to cover the stencil area.  Soaking the glue brush will just create a big blob causing your design not to come out right… Less is good.  A good indication to know if the glue is ready for the glitters is when it turns from white to clear.  This way you avoid getting glue stuck on your brushes.
  3. How are you placing the design stencil on skin? We recommend placing it on a flat skin surface.  Make sure that there are no bubbles or gaps in between the stencil and skin as glue will sip under the stencil.

The transparent film on the design stencil won’t come off/hard to take off/pulls the stencil off my skin?
We have the transparent film to protect your design stencil from any elements that may ruin it.  If you are having troubles peeling this layer off, we recommend doing the “Roll-off Method”.  Slowly peel one edge of the transparent film, and slowly roll it away from the stencil/skin.  Do not tug or peel upwards, the key to this is to roll it away… s-l-o-w-l-y

I made an amazing temporary glitter tattoo, how do I take care of my brushes?
Clean brushes with an alcohol wipe and remove remaining glue (if there is any), and leave to dry.

Can I make custom stencils?
Sure you can!  Email us at Sales@GlimmerBodyArt.com for more information.

Any other questions?
Feel free to call us at (310) 787-8700 or email us at Sales@GlimmerBodyArt.com 



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